We have everything you need to keep your garden healthy and fun all year long!


Feed your Feathered Friends!

You’ll find several different types and styles of bird feeders in our birding section, along with the seed and suet to fill them.



It’s that time of year again…time to plan our gardens.  All of our seeds are here and ready to be part of your spring garden.




We all love to get down and dirty in the garden – but the down part could be a little more comfortable.  That’s where the Premium Kneeler comes in!  Weed and plant in your garden and flower beds without kneeling on the hard ground.  The soft, padded foam adds the right amount of cushion and prevents your knees from getting sore – allowing you to garden for longer!



These cast stone and copper accents will add a unique element to your home.  Choose from Clifford the Copper Eating Caterpillar™, Suzzie the Sunday Strolling Snail™, and Freddie the Fly Catching Frog™.

  • Durable and weather resistant cast stone body
  • For indoor or outdoor use.
  • Handcrafted in the USA