Poinsettias have made their way into the store.  We spent months growing them until they were full of color and ready grace your home.  The Poinsettia is a member of the family Euphorbiacea, which also includes many succulent plants such as the “Crown of Thorns”.  The colored petals which we so often call the ‘flower’ are actually only bracts.  The true flower is the yellow part in the center of the bracts called the cyathia.  The bracts of the poinsettia start out green like regular leaves, but then change to brilliant red, white, pink, and orange.  Poinsettias go through a process called photoperiodism.  This process is a response lighting.  Darkness actually brings out the color on a poinsettia – that’s why we see them around the winter time when days are shorter and there is less light.

Learn to care for your poinsettia.

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