We have some new Trees & Shrubs that you won’t find anywhere else!  These varieties won’t be officially on the market until 2018 and will be hard to find until next year.  So stop by for a sneak peek into 2018’s trees and shrubs.  Pictured here is a new Butterfly Bush called Pugster Blue.  The Pugster™ Series is a series of Butterfly Bushes that are characterized by their short and stocky frame, coupled with their large, full sized flowers.  Also in the Pugster line is Pugster White, and Pugster Pink.

Other 2018 Trees & Shrubs that are available now!

Smokebush: Winecraft Black:  A semi-dwarf smokebush with dark purple leaves.  Vibrant orange fall color.

Viburnum dilatatum (Linden Viburnum): Tandoori Orange:  An orange fruited Lincoln viburnum. Large white spring and fall blooms. Plant with ‘Cardinal Candy’ to get orange fall berries.

Viburnum cassinoides (Swamp Viburnum): Little Ditty:  Exceptional new dwarf with round creamy-white, fragrant, late-spring flowers.  Produces showy fruits that turn from pink to red to blue (if planted near any Nudum Viburnum).

Caryopteris x clandonensis (Bluebeard): Beyond Midnight:  This caryopteris has clusters of rich purple flowers in later summer, with dark green foliage.


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